About Me

I cook. Oh, how I cook. I eat, oh how I eat. I live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the capital of Foody Nation.

I collect Vintage Cookbooks. And I share. I research recipes for Chefs and Publications. I write advertising copy.
Email me at: CherrytheTart@gmail.com.

I love American Regional cooking.  I grew up doing prep in the kitchen of a Northern Italian cook, Domenica Mondani de Angelis my Grand Mother. I went to cooking school. I was a party chef and caterer. 

I actually grow stuff I cook within a city garden. I am Green. Yes I do politics with my sauce verte. Food is politics. 

If you use one of the recipes on my blog, I would love some feedback in the comments or in my email. It gets lonely in the kitchen with no company. 

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