Friday, March 20, 2015

Wildflowers in the Garden

Wildflowers are more than beautiful. Wildflowers attract benefical insects. Those insects control garden pests without the use of poisons. And benefical insects pollinate the vegetables, flowers and herbs in my backyard garden.

Wildflowers can also help to control insect pests. No plot is too small or too large to farmscape for productivity and insect pest control. This farmscape plot looks suspiciously like a flower border

I found this glorious Wildflower site to share with you. You can sort Wildflowers by color, region, common name and a host of other qualifications. This is an invaluable guide to garden planning.
" is a resource for wildflower enthusiasts and gardeners. With a growing interest in the environment and natural gardening, our objective is to offer comprehensive information that is easy to use, and accessible for those from the casually interested to the expert."
And one great site often leads to another.

The Tulip can be found in Curtis's Botanical Magazine. Volumes 1- 63. 1787-1863.

More images like it can be found at the National Agricultural Library Special Collections Image Gallery. 

One can find the vintage covers of Japanese Seed Catalogues and illustrations from Rare Books and Posters in the Special Collections. I spent hours going through the Special Collections Image Gallery. I wish you the same enjoyment.

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