Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Salad on the Roof and Radishes down the Block

Food tastes best freshly picked. Imagine walking a block or two down the street from your office. You pick yourself a salad. 

And not just any salad. You get homegrown organic greens for your salad. 

Detroit is the leader in rooftop gardens and urban agriculture at the moment. 

Mexico City is not far behind. A city that was once one of the most polluted in the world is clearing up thanks to urban agriculture and rooftop gardens.

Gabriela Vargas and Elias Cattan of urban agriculture organization Cultiva Ciudad (Cultivate City), show gardening on the roof of a building in Mexico City, on November 6. A green revolution is sweeping across the car and concrete jungle, the city government has carried out a "green plan" since 2007, but many citizens have also taken it upon themselves to change.

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