Friday, January 17, 2014

Sauerkraut and Smoke House Sausage

I was fond of Smokies sausages when I was a child. It was the lunch treat my Mother, the Polka Queen, brought home every Saturday from the supermarket. They disappeared for a bit but Oscar Mayer recently started making them again.

If you are fond of traditional smokehouse flavor and are food additive conscious, I suggest you shop at Czerw's Kielbasy and Polish Provisions. Their home made products contain no by-products, artificial color, fillers, or added water.

Shop early in the week, especially on Easter. You will find that lines of people go around the block on Easter. Poles take Easter seriously. 

I buy barrel Sauerkraut, smoked Cajun Kielbasa which my children love, and Kabanosy, a sort of hot Polish Slim Jim. We have lots of assimilation in Foody Nation Philadelphia. You can get directions, history of the shop, and a list of their products at their website.

 Jan Czerw, Grandfather of the current owners, emigrated from Mislsi, Poland. In 1938, Jan Czerw converted a horse stable into a shop. He built the brick ovens meat is smoked in himself. Czerw's Kielbasa still stands in that original spot, using the same brick ovens built almost 70 years ago.

Wesolych Swiat i dobre jedzenie!
Note: There are about 600,000 Folks in Philadelphia who think of themselves as Polish. All those good Folks like to eat good Polish Food. I am going to tell you where I find it. There many excellent Polish shops and food purveyors in Philadelphia. I do not pretend this is a thorough list of every single Polish shop in Philadelphia or nearby. It is where I shop. Maybe you know a good place? Leave a comment and I will go there and give it a try. And write about it. 

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