Sunday, December 29, 2013

The New Year


Every cuisine has some form of sweet or savory filling wrapped in pastry. There are Pies, Tarts, Turnovers, etc. Pie reached its apotheosis in America in my opinion. I will be posting a different vintage or modern Pie recipe I think noteworthy and interesting each month during 2014.

The Vintage Kitchen will feature collectible China, Pottery, and Kitchenware for sale.

I will continue to post articles about noteworthy gardening and sustainable farming efforts around the world.

Interesting Food Art will continue to find a home on my pages.

I will write about about the Food Purveyors, Food Bloggers, Mad Gardeners, Restaurants and Cooks of Philadelphia Foody Nation.

More delicious Vegan and Vegetarian recipes will find a home on my site. More links to interesting Food Blogs will appear.

Thank You for reading.
I wish you and yours a 
Happy and Prosperous New Year!

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