Tuesday, December 6, 2016

A Single Person's Holiday Tipple from Charleston Receipts

Imagine you are all alone wrapping presents in front of the fire.  You are enjoying the solitude.  You are snug and warm. You have a glass of of Egg Nog from Charleston Receipts. Life is good.

Simple Eggnog
Serves one.

1 fresh country Egg
1 cup rich Milk
1 tablespoon good Whiskey or Brandy
1 teaspoon Vanilla
1 pinch Salt
Sugar to taste

Separate the egg, beating both the yolk and the white.  Add the Sugar and Salt to the yolk, then the Whiskey or Brandy, Milk and Vanilla. Lastly add the white of Egg.  Mix and strain into a tall glass and serve cold. Grate a touch of Nutmeg on top.  -  courtesy of Mrs. Augustine T. S. Stoney  ( Louisa Jenkins). 

Charleston Receipts is the oldest Junior League cookbook still continuously in print.  No changes have been made to the original 1950 version of the cookbook, except for some minor editing and reformatting over the years. You can see a page from the book below with a recipe for Peppermint Stick Ice Cream. This cookbook has raised and is raising money for charitable causes. It can be purchased new at the Junior League's website.  I have a copy from the 13th printing in 1973.  A description from their website:
Called the Bible of all Junior League cookbooks, Charleston Receipts features recipes that have served Charleston hostesses well for decades and is considered a "must" in any cookbook collection. Described by Food & Wine as"reflecting the nostalgia for the Old-South that prevailed among low-country aristocrats during the postwar (Civil War) era," ... For its outstanding preservation of local and regional culinary customs and its benefits to the local community, Charleston Receipts was inducted into the Walter S. McIlhenny Community Cookbooks Hall of Fame in 1990.

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