Thursday, October 17, 2013

Giovanni's Fig Tree

Whoopee! You can grow Figs in Philadelphia. I just paid off my mortgage. This is the year I am going to buy myself a brand new Paradiso Fig Tree to celebrate.

My Nonno (Grandfather) grew Figs and Wine Grapes in a small backyard in Trenton in cold New Jersey. I have fond memories of warm ripe Figs picked off our own Fig Tree. Mr. Giovanni from South Philadelphia is an inspiration. You can read about his enormous Fig Tree, his history and see more photographs at a great Philadelphia food blog Messy and Picky. 

At the link you will find the recipe for Strawberry and Fig Jam from Marisa McClellan. There are so many Fig Trees in South Philadelphia that our city is an urban foragers dream. See more fabulous Fig recipes and read about the South Philly Food Co-op Garden Tour. Philly is Foody Nation. 

Giovanni's figs are available for purchase at Fair Food Farmstand in Reading Terminal Market by the 12th St entrance for $4 per half dozen. More / larger photos in this flickr set.

Fair Food Farmstand
Tu – Sat: 8a – 6p
Su: 9a – 5p
Mon: Closed, but starting October 5, 8a – 6p
Reading Terminal Market
12th & Arch Sts

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