Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Atman Kohlrabi Tells the Truth about Gardening

I found this wry account of gardening in Carson just surfing the Net. You have to go there to read it all.
June:   Windy and hot daytime, but too often freezing at night. Weeds do very well, bugs too. Place greenhouse plants in shade outside to acclimate before transplanting. Expect to lose 50% or more to grasshoppers, thrips, other unidentifiable bugs, late freezes, dogs, cats, birds, etc. Stop by nursery to buy more starting plants. Get more insect repellant.
I love the self portrait of Kohlrabi, particularly the green eyebrows.

It is a modern version of the ancient Green Man of myth and medieval sculpture that decorates many a church in Europe.

The Green Man seems to be an avatar that inhabits the human psyche. Why else would The Green Man appear so often in ancient and modern gardens as well as churches and graveyards through the centuries. And appear in so many innovative new materials. Click on the picture and scroll down to see more garden sculpture from Mosaiculture 2013 at the Montreal Botanical Garden.

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